The “Liter Sale” may be killing your hair!

Have you ever noticed how you love a shampoo for awhile and then a few months in it doesn’t seem as great? Less shine, less manageability? What happened?

It could be that big jug you bought at whatever liter sale or going out of business sale or “gosh I can’t believe they have this brand at the drugstore” sale. And by the way, this has nothing to do with how expensive the shampoo is!

The problem: build up! After time, each shampoo designed to make your life perfect starts to build up on the hair shaft and scalp!

What’s a girl to do? ROTATE.

Solution: rotate your shampoo! I often talk to friends who want to try a new shampoo but feel like they are in liter jail. “No new shampoo until I use this ginormous size thing that I bought 4 years ago!” But here is the beauty of rotating, your ginormous liter doesn’t have go to waste!

Depending on how often you are washing your hair, you can rotate a few shampoos through out the week. Keep an eye out for our post on the 3 Shampoos Everyone needs in The Shower!

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