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Openings on Saturday!

Is it time to take the plunge for your fall hair? This Saturday, new color clients* will receive a free haircut! Finally ready to take the plunge and try that rose gold? Ready for some other fun color? Book today!

*This applies to any clients who have not come to Lark for a color before. Limited availability with Ally & Betsy. Not able to take advantage of this special this weekend? Call us and we will get you on our wait list for other specials in November.

Heading to party and need help to look your best? Dry Styles & Eyes for $45! (Up to one hour of service total.)

Book HERE or call us at 402-682-8785

Sweet and Modern: Product Review

The truth is, we took a chance when we invited Gina into the Studio to review Bumble’s latest release. Gina is product review junkie and if you follow her, you will see she is HONEST. But as usual, she was an absolute delight to have in!

Head on over and check out SWEET + MODERN BLOG!!
Product Reivewby@SweetandModern

Keep your eyes open for more info on the next Bumble product releases!

Ready to start your career?

We want you to join our family!

We’ve been there – graduation can’t come fast enough and you want to make money. Looking for a job is overwhelming! The salon you choose right now is critical, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision.

We understand! Here’s the deal, we hire nice people with a good attitude. You show up with your talent and we guide you on each step of building your business. We offer ALL hair services, but we focus on blowouts so that we put clients in your chair NOW!

Text Sara today for to set up an interview at 402-885-4508

Not graduating yet or not looking for jobs yet? Fill out the form below and we will send you our guide
“3 INTERVIEW MISTAKES that will cost you the job”.
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Surf Foam Spray

The “Liter Sale” may be killing your hair!

Have you ever noticed how you love a shampoo for awhile and then a few months in it doesn’t seem as great? Less shine, less manageability? What happened?

It could be that big jug you bought at whatever liter sale or going out of business sale or “gosh I can’t believe they have this brand at the drugstore” sale. And by the way, this has nothing to do with how expensive the shampoo is!

The problem: build up! After time, each shampoo designed to make your life perfect starts to build up on the hair shaft and scalp!

What’s a girl to do? ROTATE.

Solution: rotate your shampoo! I often talk to friends who want to try a new shampoo but feel like they are in liter jail. “No new shampoo until I use this ginormous size thing that I bought 4 years ago!” But here is the beauty of rotating, your ginormous liter doesn’t have go to waste!

Depending on how often you are washing your hair, you can rotate a few shampoos through out the week. Keep an eye out for our post on the 3 Shampoos Everyone needs in The Shower!

Need help with shampoo NOW? Come see us anytime! Book a visit HERE!

Product Highlight: Dryspun Finish

Dryspun Finish is a lifesaver! Part dry shampoo, part re-styler. Always helpful.

Come by Lark to shop Bumble and bumble, and book appointmentsHERE!.


Bumble & Bumble Blowdry Session

Check out this great video!  We love to coach our clients to achieve great results at home.  Let us know if we can give you a personalized session on getting your best blowout at home.